How is the New Terminal Being Funded?

In April of 2020, Northern Colorado Regional Airport was awarded $16.9 million in grant funding as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The Act included $10 billion to be distributed to public-use airports in the U.S. After thorough analysis, the Planning & Development Subcommittee and the Airport Commission concluded that designing a new terminal was the top priority for utilization of the funds. As the design progresses, Airport decision-makers will monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the aviation industry to inform decisions on moving forward with construction. 

The establishment of a new terminal is expected to create opportunities for private investment. If you are interested in business opportunities associated with the new terminal, please contact  Business Development Specialist Aaron Ehle at 970-962-2856 or for more information.

Benefits For Airport Users:

  • The ability to travel with less driving, no toll roads, and inexpensive parking in close proximity to the terminal
  • A modern facility with improved amenities
  • Improvements to parking lots, roads, signage, and landscaping
  • Opportunities for restaurants, concessions, and retail
  • Wider corridors and more spacious waiting areas
  • Up to date facilities for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) passenger and baggage security screenings
  • Convenient baggage processing and baggage claim areas
  • Improved airline check-in and baggage drop-off facilities
  • Fully integrated designs for ADA accessibility
  • Charging stations for electronic devices

Benefits For Northern Colorado And The Local Economy

  • An investment in the local economy paid for by the FAA, airlines, and Airport users — NOT local taxpayers
  • Creates hundreds of jobs in construction, transportation, and services
  • Attracts more companies and jobs to Northern Colorado
  • Creates a new front door for millions of visitors to Northern Colorado
  • Strengthens Northern Colorado brand as a destination
  • Improves traffic congestion by getting vehicles off of I-25

Benefits For The Environment

  • An intermodal travel hub with links to public transportation
  • A terminal that prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification
  • A reduction in carbon emissions by reducing the number of vehicle trips to Denver International Airport